Capsoul Back-Up Pack


Neon Green Soular Powers

Back-Up Packs

BACK-UP PACKS with Soular Powers Introducing Neon Green's back-up packsª with built-in flexible thin-film solar cell and rechargeable Piggy Power Bankª. Passively capture energy from the sun, storing it for future recharging of your portable gadgets whether you are on or off the grid. Funky, not crunchy, Neon Green is both funktional and fashionable making the perfect accessory for any exterior activity. The organic light sensitive material used by Neon Green collects energy up to 70¡ off axis from sunrise to sunset outdoors and anytime indoors.

Piggy Power Banks

Piggy Power Bank™ Soular Chargers are fashionable mini-battery chargers back-up battery for most iPhones, Smartphones or other handheld  gadgets. The Piggy Power Bank collect’s and stores the energy of the sun for future use; just leave the Power Bank in the sun’s direct rays. The Piggy Power Bank’s lithium battery also charges when connected to the USB port of your computer.

Mixie Bike

MIXIE™ Mini F’Mixed Gear Bikes from Neon Green mash-up fashion and the fixed gear lifestyle into a format fit for all.  Mixed into a hybrid frame with 20" wheels, the MIXIE is part fixed-gear, part urban commuter, part BMX, and ALL STYLE. MIXIE’s premiere collection, “Hustle N’ Flow”, features 10 pieces incorporating lush color combinations and materials such as faux crocodile skin on the saddles and grips.



About Us

Launched in 2010 NEON GREEN Soular Powers is a nano brand focused on “Bringing Power to the People, Soular Powers!” NEON GREEN aims to focus “Renewable Energy’s” appeal into a pop-culture movement just as the Space Race influenced the 60’s. NEON GREEN will be found in a diverse range of shops from trendy fashion stores to electronic boutiques and outdoor retailers. NEON GREEN also makes soular chargers, bike accessories and MIXIE Mini Fixed Gear Bikes. NEON GREEN is rooted in New York and LA.



Neon Green
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